Blair Park-San Bernardino-Chicken Salad Sandwich and Chai Tea

Distance: 2.67 Miles
Time: 1 hour and 15 minutes
Seasons: Winter
Parking: Residential
What to Bring: Sunscreen, lots of water, and comfy shoes (hiking shoes are optional).

I left the house! I have been way to comfortable “sheltering in place” at home. It was good to get outside with the dogs. I’ve done this hike before, but this time I did not take the steep route that you see to the left when you start the trail. Instead, I went straight where the trail meanders to the antennas. My goal was to take the route behind the antennas that lead to Shandon Hills Middle School but it was already pretty warm when we got to the top so we came back down. More people at the top, but I saw very few people on the trail I took. This area is really neat because there are trails that split off in different directions.  Most people were wearing masks and practicing social distancing.

Where to Eat: The Green Shack Market and Viva La Boba

The Green Shack is a fun place because they not only have tasty food, but they have other services, such as printing, taxes, and notary. I always get the chicken salad sandwich on squaw bread. After picking up my sandwich, I headed to downtown San Bernardino for a chai latte and a lemonade/jamaica slushy (I was thirsty!) from Viva La Boba.  Both places have great customer service and excellent food and beverages.

Where to Start the Hike:

My Route: I use the Woof Trax app to track my routes and distance and each walk benefits the animal non-profit of your choice!

Blair Park-San Bernardino-Route




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