La Loma Hills-Colton-Morning heat and Sub Sandwiches!

Distance: 1.27 Miles
Time: 33 minutes
Seasons: Winter, Fall, Spring, Summer (morning/evening)
Parking: Residential
What to Bring: Sunscreen, lots of water, and comfy shoes (hiking shoes are optional).



I am always nervous when I try a new trail. On the way to this one I said to my dogs, “I don’t know guys, this might be a bust.” Upon arrival I saw several no trespassing signs at the trailhead. I figured I would still walk around the neighborhood so I could try out the sub place that opened soon. As I walked down the street, I actually found three ways to hike up the trail with no signs. Up we went. Added bonus–I didn’t see anyone else on the trail.

There were more options to make the hike steeper and longer, but I kept it short because it was hot and as you may have guessed…I was hungry.

Where to Eat: SoCal Subs

I wanted to try a new place and found this when I was planning the hike. A great place for subs and everyone was there friendly. The sodas have a cute bears on them which was neat too. I got the C.B.A.–with chicken, bacon, and avocado. It was very tasty and filling! There are other sandwiches I can’t wait to try for my next visit!

Where to Start the Hike:

My Route: I use the Woof Trax app to track my routes and distance. Each walk benefits the animal non-profit of your choice!









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