Blair Park-San Bernardino Hiking and Burritos

Distance: 2.3 Miles
Time: 1 hour
Seasons: Winter
Parking: Residential
What to Bring: Sunscreen, water, and comfy shoes (hiking shoes are optional).




I went to Blair Park a lot as a kid so it was neat to find a trail that I have been to before. You can hike this trail from the actual park, but this a trail nearby that also goes up to the antennas and beyond. I just went up  to the antennas and then came back around to do a loop. I started with the first trail on the left and it’s a bit steeper but if you straight it ends up at the same place but is less steep.

Where to Eat: Rosa Maria’s
I have been going here for years. I usually get the garbage burrito and a root beer, but everything on the menu is amazing.

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